We ship anywhere within Canada to certified individuals, or to salons and spas having certified individuals among their staff.

Free Shipping Conditions !

We offer you free shipping in Canada on your first order regardless of its size. Thereafter, we offer free shipping in Canada whenever your order exceeds $500 before the tax . You can avoid shipping charges altogether if, you or an individual you designate picks up your merchandise at our Montreal location.

The cost of shipping your order is determined by a modest flat fee per province. We are shipping with Purolator. Place your order on line and note the shipping charge before you check out. Lash lift items are small, and the cost of transporting them is fairly insignificant !

Loss, Damage or Errors

Damage in transit: We clearly state that if we have organized the shipping for you, we will assume the risk of damage or loss. If you have experienced damage to your goods, we will ask you to ship them back within 7 days at your own cost. When the package has arrived, we will ship and replace the goods at our cost.

Loss in transit: If our shipper confirms that you did not receive a delivery, we will ship your entire order again at no cost to you. If our shipper can produce a proof of delivery, but for whatever reason you do not have the goods, we consider that your goods have been delivered. 

Packing errors: If we made an error in packing your shipment, we will ship and replace missing goods.

If you need to return or exchange a product as a result of an error we made, we will cover the cost and risk of shipping it back to ADI Cosmetiques. If you wish to return or exchange an item of merchandise we sent you, and there was no error on our part, you are responsible for shipping it back to ADI Cosmetiques at your expense. Furthermore, if the product arrives at our facility in a state that we deem to be unsellable, either as a result of you having opened it or in the course of transport, we will not provide a refund or exchange. Notify us of a problem within 7 days of your having received it. Ship it back to us within 10 days of receipt to our Montreal address clearly indicating your order or invoice number.