Silicone Rods – Small


Elleebana silicone rods, size SMALL. The pack contains 5 pairs of reusable silicon rods, all of them the same size. Replace this item when it looks unappealing after extended use.

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Silicone Rods – Small:

Elleebana Canada Silicon Rods are used during a Lash lamination. Lash Lift treatment to curl the lashes to the desired position. One Pack of Elleebana Silicon Rod Contains 5 pairs of reusable rods. These high-quality silicone rods for lash lift technique are available in Small, Medium. Large, Extra Large, or even in a combo pack. Elleebana silicone rods easily fit all shapes and sizes of lashes and eyelids.

 How to Use:

By using Elleebana Canada lash lift silicone pads, you will achieve a lift and natural eyelash. In the first step, Rods should be chosen based on the clients’ lash length and eye size.  Make sure the roads are set right to the base of the lashes so that the Lash can wrap up easily on the rod. Fix or set the entire rod over the eyelid with the help of glue properly. Once you put the rod hold it for 10 seconds to be emplaced, brush your lash and make sure it is straight. Apply solutions and at the end remove it with the help of a cotton bud or rinse it off with warm water.


Elleebana Canada silicone rods are soft and comfortable to touch with a smooth surface. Portable size, and easy to carry and store, exquisite size makes it applicable for individuals or professionals. These Rods are odor-free and non-toxic, durable, and not easy to cause allergy. Safe for your skin, and reliable for your use, and help the lash artist lift and isolate each lash for a precise, natural, gentle lift and dramatic lash curl. These are the perfect go-to for everyone, as it fits everyone’s eyelids. In fact, rods give a beautiful round shape to the lashes.  Elleebana Canada Silicone pads are reusable and are easy to clean. Just wash with soap and water when done. Dry silicone pad and store in a bag or container.


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