Silicon Rods – Medium


Elleebana silicone rods, size MEDIUM. The pack contains 5 pairs of reusable silicon rods, all of them the same size. Replace this item when it looks unappealing after extended use.

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Elleebana silicon rods, size MEDIUM. 5-pair pack. This item is reusable. Wash with soap and water after each client. Replace when it begins to look unattractive after repeated use.

Silicon rods are one of the tools Elleebana offers for molding lashes into a lift position. A silicon rod is a soft cylindrical piece that is glued upon the eyelid at the position of the lash growth line. In the lash lift technique, the client’s lashes are glued to the silicon rod for the duration of the procedure. Elleebana’s rods come in 5 sizes. The size to use depends on the length of the lashes being lifted. You size a silicon rod by noting which size allows the lashes to fold just over half way around it. We sell silicon rods in a pack containing a single size or a pack containing a combination of sizes. This item is a pack of 5 pairs of silicon rods all in the MEDIUM size. You would use these for your clients with lashes of average length.


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