Mascara Wands (10 Pack)


Mascara wands otherwise known as spoolies, 10.

Mascara wands, otherwise known as spoolies, disposable, 10 per pack.

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Mascara Wands:

Elleebana Canada is famous for its eyelashes extension products, recently we introduced Mascara Wand for enhancing the curl and thickness of your lashes fundamentally mascara wand is used in helping to separate the lashes and make your eye look attractive and natural. Available 10 in a single or per pack, all are standard in size and shapes.

How to use:

You can wear your eye makeup before applying the mascara. Use the eye curler to curl your lashes. Place your curler beneath your eyelashes and gently press it against them for 10 to 15 seconds. Repeat this step for more dramatic, long eyelashes. Buy Mascara shade according to your need. If your eyes are partially upwards so that you can still watch yourself in a mirror and bring take the Elleebana Mascara wand closer to your eyelash.

Now, apply the mascara, placing the wand against the roots of your lashes which makes them look fluffy and long. Pull out the wand slowly towards the tips without a wiggling movement and with one stroke. Apply until you get the desired high curly lashes. For girls who do not want to go for eyelashes extension. This Mascara Wand is best for them to make their lashes curly and beautiful as eyelashes done it is called half makeup was done because the whole face looks depends upon the eye makeup and thick long eyelashes. High curly eyelashes give you natural look as well and the Elleebana mascara wand is made for such a purpose.


Elleebana Canada is always focused on the Quality of the product. We keep the benefits, sensitivity, and choice of our customers in mind when we design a product. When we talk about Mascara Wand your lashes can come off with it if you are using the hard and rough wand. Elleebana Mascara Wand is made up by using very soft bristles. That helps you to make your eyelashes attractive and enhance the curl of your lashes. Also makes your lashes look fluffy and separate.


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