Lash Lifter Tool


Stainless steel lash lift tool to be used in positioning the lashes to the silicone rod or extreme shield upon which you have applied Elleebana Lash Lifting Adhesive. Careful positioning of the lashes is key to obtaining an outstanding result. You may also want to use the isolator to tool which permits you to manipulate individual lashes.

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Lash Lifter Tool :

For Eyes Lash lifting or eyelash extensions we need some Tools. Elleebana Canada has introduced the Lash Lifter Tool that is made up of Stainless Steel, which helps in positioning the lashes to the silicone rod along with this; it separates the Lashes when you pull the lashes up with the help of the Elleebana Lash Lifter Tool on Silicon Rods. It is easy to use and designed as light weighted so that you can pick it easily with the help of your fingers.

How to use:

Customer safety and comfort always come first. Have her lie down so you can work behind her. Cover her hair with a hairband. Clean the lashes and eye area thoroughly using a cotton pad or swab an oil-free cleanser. There should be no eye makeup leftover. Dry the lashes with a hand-held fan. Apply gel patches on the lower lashes directly under the eye covering the lower lashes.

We don’t want to curl those lower lashes! Choose the correct silicone size rod. Shorter lashes get a smaller Silicon Road, medium gets a medium, and so on. To figure out the right size, place the Silicon Road on the upper eyelid as close to the lash line as possible. Use a cleaned and sterilized Ellebana Canada Lash lifter tool to bend the lashes over the rod and sweep lashes onto the rod with an upward motion. Hold the lashes into the fixing gel so that they stick to the curler. Make sure the lashes are separated and lined up in the same direction over the silicone rod. Repeat with the other eye.


Elleebana Canada Lash Lifter Tool Is Made up of Stainless Steel. This means you can easily sterilize it with Luke warm water. These silicone lash lifter false eyelash patches for advanced lash technicians. You can easily carry it with the help of your finger as this tool is really very light in weight. It is not only can be reused but also can be used for eyelash extension and an essential tool for eye makeup.


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