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We see a lot of articles directed toward lash extension clients. But where do lash artists turn for information? Proper eyelash extension aftercase is imperative to your client’s retention as well as your professional reputation! So here is the lash artist’s guide to aftercare! These proper eyelash extension aftercare rules are fairly universal and tend to remain the same regardless of your adhesive or application style. You’ll want to ensure you are educating every single one of your clients on these practices.


Washing daily is, by far, the most important eyelash extension aftercare instruction, yet. washing daily seems to be the step that clients forget the most. You cannot stress this to your lash lovers enough; wash, wash, and wash! It seems that when we tell clients to avoid moisture and all of these other things, they think they can’t touch them at all. Wrong! Ensuring your clients wash their lashes is ensuring they are remaining clean and clear of debris or products containing oil. They could also get lash mites! Yuk. Read this article by Consumer Health Digest and I guarantee you will be making sure every one of your clients is on a daily regimen with The Lash Professional’s Foaming Lash Cleanser!


If you don’t use a nano mister, you should. Let each client know that they will need to wait 24 hours before introducing any form of moisture to their eyelash extensions!. This is a long time for some clients to avoid a hot shower, cooking over the stove, or working out. Make sure they are aware of this prior to their service so they can plan accordingly. Introducing water molecules to their eyelash extensions too soon could cause their lashed to fall out almost immediately. Investing in The Lash Professional Nano Mister is a great way to reduce that time frame. A nano mister will knock a solid 20 hours off of that 24 hour waiting period. Clients will only need to wait four hours to introduce moisture. The science behind How Nano Misters Work is pretty awesome, especially if you are a lash nerd like me.


Avoiding oil based products means all products. Many clients take this as « okay no more oil based mascara, easy! » Wrong. This part is …

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